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Post card view of the 3rd Ave El Bronx Park Terminal from Southern Blvd. The terminal had a domed roof to emulate the conservatory buildings in the park.


The original (1904) IRT West Farms Subway Terminal was at East 180th St and the Boston Post Road. It was at the Southern end of the Bronx Zoo. The terminal was closed and removed in 1952.


The 3rd Ave El Bronx Park Terminal became a spur in 1920 with the completion of the Webster Ave extension


One of the greatest events in North Bronx Transit History was the construction of the double deck IRT Gun Hill Road Station on White Plains Road. This 1918 image shows the construction of the station, which will serve the Webster Ave extension of the 3rd Ave El and the Westchester Ave Subway extension from West Farms, which will become known as the White Plains Road Line.


The Freeman St Station on Southern Blvd was the terminal of the 2nd Ave El Freeman St Express. The provided the service until 1948 after the 2nd Ave El ended operations in the Bronx in 1940.


The IRT 177th St Elevated yard was part of the West Farms and Bronx Zoo Terminal complex. It is seen in many photos of West Farms Square on Tremont Ave, which was a trolley car hub in the central Bronx.