Bronx Trolley Terminal and Hubs

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Bronx Trolley Terminals and hubs

There were several locations in the Bronx where trolley lines came together. Many terminals were where located at the the El or subway end of the line and ferry terminals. Some were established before the subways were built or before the El was extended to outlying locations.  

The Hub at 149th St was the original with trolleys coming in from the North on Melrose Ave and under the 3rd Ave El. There was a 149th St cross-town line and the Willis Ave and 3rd Ave trolley lines came in from the South.

West Farms Square was an important East/West trolley hub with a couple lines coming in from the North and West and branching out to the East. The photo is a 1930's view East from West Farms Square in the Bronx showing the NYW&B Viaduct from the 180th St Terminal on the left crossing Tremont Ave, Wyatt St and 177th St on the right in this Pre-WWII image that also shows a portion of the IRT elevated train yard on the extreme left - The NYW&B viaduct was removed in 2003 after many years of waiting to be reused for the fabled Second Ave Subway.

Fordham Plaza was the terminal for the 3rd Ave El and Third Ave trolley along with a few other cross-town like the 180th St line that connected to the West Farms hub and the trolley that came all the way across Fordham Road from 207th St in Manhattan. The Fordham Road trolley took visitors to the North entrance of the Bronx Zoo at Southern Blvd.

Hunts Point plaza was a rapid transit and trolley hub for the people out there. The New Haven RR had the original station followed by the 163rd St crooss-town trolley and the terminal for the Soundview trolley line and a stop on the Pelham Bay Subway Line.

The photo is a c.1930 view of Hunt's Point Square, where Southern Blvd, Hunt's Point Ave, Whitlock Ave and 163rd St converged in the SE Bronx. The IRT Pelham Bay Subway entrance is in the island in the foreground on Hunts Point Ave. The Spooner Theater facade is on Whitlock Ave in back of the subway entrance. The trolley cars are on Southern Blvd and the trolley Line to Hunt's Point branched off here and the 163rd crosstown trolley line came in from the left. The New Haven and NYW&B RR station was a block away in back of the potographer. 

The original Bronx County Courthouse at 161st St and Brook Ave became a hub for travelers to that location on the 3rd Ave El and trolleys up from the Hub at 149th St and the St Ann's Ave trolley line had aterminal there. The Boston Post Road trolley line had a junction with the Third Ave line a couple blocks north of there.   

The intersection of the North/South Webster Ave with the East/WestTremont Ave is just about in the center of the Bronx and was a very important trolley transfer location. 

West Farms Sq East

West Farms Sq West to the IRT 177th St station

Hunts Point Plaza

Third Ave, 161st St, St Ann's Ave

Fordham Plaza

Gun Hill Road and White Plains Road

WEbster Ave and Tremont Ave

IRT Jerome Woodlawn Terminal

IRT Broadway Van Cortlandt Park Terminal

IRT White Plains Road Terminal

Soundview Ave Trolley

Soundview Ave Trolley at the Ferry

Webster Ave Trolley at Fordham Road